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Texas Folklife

Folk and Traditional Arts of Texas

San Angelo

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  • Posted on Wed Nov 6, 2013
    Texas Folklife is conducting a statewide survey of regional foodways on Family Day Islamic Adventure at the San Antonio Museum of Fine Arts on Saturday November 9th. We invite you to take “a place at the table” and tell us your family’s favorite dishes, or the work that you do to produce food for your family or the market. This is part of a three year project that is now expanding into 29...
  • Posted on Wed Nov 6, 2013
    MISSION STATEMENT   The mission statement was adopted by the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Board of Trustees of February 9, 1995; based on the original written by the Founding Board in 1981.   "The mission of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts shall be to establish and maintain a museum in order to house and exhibit a permanent collection of art as well as to provide space for...

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