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Make an in-kind Donation

If you wish to make a donation in kind instead of cash, please fill out our in-kind donation form.  You will receive a copy of the form for your records upon submission.

In-kind Donation Form

Other ways to contribute:

Make a donation
Click here to donate in order to support our mission! 
A membership to Texas Folklife to support Texas Folklife programs. Your support helps improve the consistency and reliability of funds to maintain our many community programs and activities, with a full year access to Texas Folklife exclusive Membership Perks. 

Become a Texas Folklife Member

Donate Cryptocurrency
Click here to donate cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC to our crypto wallet in order to support our mission! 
Donate Cryptocurrency
Volunteer with us
Please visit our volunteer page for more information about our many volunteer opportunities.
Volunteer Form