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Mason Nesvadba

Photo Credit: David Dodd

Mason Nesvadba
Guy, Texas

Mason Nesvadba was the Polka Grand Prize WInner in the 2017 edition of the Big Squeeze.

Mason started to play the piano accordion when he inherited his great-great uncle's one from his grandfather. Nesvadba is driven to become the best not only because of inspiration from his family but also from previous BIg Squeeze winners Garrett Neubauer (2014) and Brandon Hodde (2015). He had only been playing for a little over a year when he won the Big Squeeze.



Most Notable Performances

June 3, 2017       Accordion Kings and Queens-Houston Miller Outdoor Theater (Big Squeeze Grand Prize Winner) 

April 22, 2017       Big Squeeze Semi-Finals-Bob Bullock Museum (Polka Winner)  

Feb 19, 2017       Big Squeeze Houston Showcase - (Finalist)